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Welcome to mysterious and interesting world of Marbling
Welcome to the mysterious and interesting world of Ebru. Marbling people can express their current feelings and thoughts with colors and patterns, giving them a whole new perspective on themselves. Ebru takes a person out of everyday life and takes it to the other world, providing peace of mind. Paying attention to the movement of water and colors reduces tension and does not notice the passage of time.Ebru teaches and develops to be patient.The relaxing function of marbling is due to the fact that the material used is completely natural. Water, soil dye, rose branches, tragacan, resin of thorn spines, cow edema, horse hair. Water, in particular, has a positive effect on a person, as it releases positive ions into flowing water. On the shores of lakes and streams, looking out at the sea, everyone relaxes, relaxes and feels peaceful.

* In the case of marbling, it is impossible to think of anything bad, because it is not static, there is movement, the color and pattern of the water constantly changes.

* It is the need for people to play games, which gives the opportunity to play with water and colors to adults who have almost forgotten their childhood.

* The important thing is not to make marbling with artistic value, but to integrate the mind, emotions and body of a person in this process, to get rid of stress and anxiety, and to relax.

* Producing it and appreciating it boosts self-confidence.

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